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CaseMaker PCS

CaseMaker PCS provides PCQN member teams with information they need to demonstrate value and make a case for sustaining and growing their service. Access to the CaseMaker PCS application is included with membership in the PCQN but is currently only available for inpatient palliative care services.

CaseMaker allows PC teams to calculate the financial impact of their care by using financial data from their institution. Teams submit financial data that are combined with data from PCQN regarding which patients were seen by the PC team and when. The CaseMaker PCS application generates a report that includes variable direct cost savings, net margin (defined as net revenue minus total cost of care), bed days saved, and ICU bed days saved.

Click here to see a sample CaseMaker report.

Current members who are interested in exploring CaseMaker PCS can contact PCQN Support for more information.