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PCQN Monthly Webinar: SB1004 beneficiaries: Characteristics, processes of care, and treatment outcomes (Kathleen Kerr, David O’Riodan, PhD)

In 2018 California implemented State Bill 1004 (SB 1004), which requires that Medi-Cal enrollees with serious illnesses such as cancer, heart failure, liver disease, and pulmonary disease have access to palliative care services. Though thousands of patients have received SB 1004 palliative care, little is known about the impact of the program. In this webinar, we will use PCQN data to describe characteristics (age, primary diagnosis, and functional status at time of consultation); processes of care (number of consultations, disciplines involved in visits, surrogate decision makers identified, spiritual concerns assessed); and treatment outcomes (changes in symptom scores, level of distress, and patient reported quality of life) of patients who received home-based palliative care. We will compare findings for the SB 1004 population to findings for other individuals who received home-based palliative care, to better understand if and how Medi-Cal palliative care is different. We will also review differences in processes of care and treatment outcomes across the 11 organizations that provided SB 1004 palliative care, to highlight areas of variation that point to possible improvement opportunities.

This webinar will be presented by Kathleen Kerr and Dr. David O’Riordan. Ms. Kerr is a health care consultant in private practice in Mill Valley, California. Her work is focused on promoting the development of sustainable, quality palliative care programs, with particular emphasis on services that operate in rural areas and those that serve Medicaid beneficiaries. Dr. O’Riordan is an Assistant Adjunct Professor at UCSF in the Division of Palliative Medicine and has done a lot of work in patient–level clinical research, institutional and programmatic research, and instrument validation, as well as many research projects utilizing PCQN data.

To register for this webinar, visit:–oHVT2RMbnhNM399